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Gases We Detect

Canary supplies instruments for the detection and monitoring of the following combustible and toxic gases. Gas safety data covering most of these gases together with their chemical formula and detection prinicples is available by clicking this link GFG safety data 2009 .


Combustible and Toxic Gases We Detect

Highlight a gas by clicking it then press "Find" to see the instruments we have on our data base for detecting and monitoring the particular gas.

Combustible Gases
Toxic Gases




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Clean Water - Ozone/Cl2
H2S Odour Control
Fumigation - Stored Grain
Food Ripening
Toxic Gas Detection
Combustible Gas Detectors
Indoor Air Quality
Combustion Efficiency
Hydrocarbon Leak Detection
Refrigerant Leak Detection
Cellar Gas Detection
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Respiratory Air Monitors
Gas Sample Bags/Tubing
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