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Canary Controller

The CANARY ‘Smart’ Gas monitoring system controller models 1000, 3000 & 8000 can be used for occupational or environmental monitoring.

Part Per Million levels of toxic gases, general hydrocarbon vapours and physical parameters such as wind speed and temperature can be measured, external devices activated or retransmitted to a building management system or PLC.


GFG GMA40B series
GFG GMA81/84
RC ST71 HMI software

RC Systems ST 71-HMI PC Software - Human machine interface provides operator interface functions including centralised monitoring, visualisation and data archive for RC Systems ST-71 sixteen channel controllers. ST-71 HMI can monitor from one to ten controllers providing real-time status display and historical trend data for 16 to 160 points.


RC ST-90 Dual

RC Systems ST-90 Dual channel controller provides simultaneous display and alarm functions for two monitored variables. The ST-90 Dual can function as a critical alarm controller for toxic or combustible gases, vibration, tank levels and other process values.




The Canary Company - Smart Montoring Systems

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