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Clean Water-Ozone/Cl2

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ACD introduces GENie Calibration Gas System

O3 H2 NH3 Cl2 ClO2 H2S HCN
Currently available Generating Modules:
GENie EC: Hydrogen, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide & Hydrogen Cyanide
GENie O3 : Ozone
GENie QC-1 : Ammonia

Compact, hand-held, accurate, economical and rugged, this family of integrateable and expandable calibration gas instruments will generate a variety of gases. As your calibration gas needs grow, so does the GENie, with integrated, expandable modules that provide for a cost effective solution.

The GENie Calibration Gas System consists of a Base Unit and a Generating Module. One GENie Base Unit plus any of the interchangeable and expandable GENie Source Modules enable the instrument to produce the required calibration gas.

Integrated microprocessor controlled feedback. Utilizes a mass flow controller for accurate flow rates across all instruments.



GfG Micro IV - single gas detector with data logger and infrared interface.


GfG EC28

GfG Transmitter EC28
For toxic gases, oxygen and hydrogen

Superior technology
Wherever gas hazards are to be found, the EC28 provides the best solution for safe monitoring. ATEX-certified design, built-in EX-certified horn and bright LED lights allow safe operation. The gas alarm is transmitted to the central control panel, simultaneously warning the control room and the worker in the danger area.

Smart sensor technology
Installation and sensor exchange are quick and easy using pre-calibrated smart, plug-in sensors. One-man calibration/ adjustment is possible directly at the transmitter, without opening the housing.




The Canary Company - Smart Montoring Systems

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