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The Canary Company Pty Ltd enhances its innovative position as an Australian Company maintaining a leading role in the manufacture and supply of environmental and occupational safety monitoring systems.

A team of dedicated specialists ensures peak performance in customer service with industry best practice solutions.


Products manufactured or supplied by The Canary Company Pty Ltd are proudly developed and built to meet specific niche air quality monitoring requirements. They are designed to provide the highest quality sensor accuracy within a budget costing.


The Canary Company Pty Ltd supplies its services worldwide covering a large range of 'Smart' gas detectors, gas monitors and systems for hazardous, LEL, toxic and oxygen (O2) gases. Specialising in fumigation monitoring and carbon detectors as well as the low level detection of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and phosphine, confined space multigas compliance monitors and refrigerant gas leak detectors.

The Canary Company Pty Ltd provides instrument installation and data cabling and is a licensed NSW electrical contractor with NSW Fair Trading, license No. 189130C. Product support is provided through our installation, repair and gas sensor calibration service facilities based in Sydney.

  • Fixed Gas Detectors and Monitor systems;
  • Portable hand held Gas Detectors and analysers;
  • Carbon Detectors, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide;
  • Gas Sensor Calibrations and calibration gases;
  • CO2 & O2 monitors, IAQ, glass house monitors, hospitality, laboratory monitors;
  • Combustion efficiency monitors;
  • Gas sampling bags Teflon®, Tedlar® and ALTEF®;
  • Plastic labware & ultra flexible peristaltic grade tubing;
  • Teflon® Bailers;
  • Compressed gas systems- monitoring & control;
  • Rent / Hire / Lease Gas Detectors - please contact The Canary Company.

Free Call Ph: 1800 668 166
Head Office Ph: (02) 9418 6666

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Products By Application
Confined Space
Hazardous Gases
Clean Water - Ozone/Cl2
H2S Odour Control
Fumigation - Stored Grain
Food Ripening
Toxic Gas Detection
Combustible Gas Detectors
Indoor Air Quality
Combustion Efficiency
Hydrocarbon Leak Detection
Refrigerant Leak Detection
Cellar Gas Detection
Particulate Sampling
Gas Calibration Sources
Control Systems
Respiratory Air Monitors
Gas Sample Bags/Tubing
Plastic Labware
Car Park Air Quality
Laboratory's Air/Ventilation

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